Nursing and Technology, Inside the Loop.


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Nursing has always been a hands on profession.  With the infusion of technology a lot of the work is completed on the computer. Through my experiences of working at Reid, a hospital in Richmond, Indiana, computers have become a big part of our daily utensils.

Nurses use computers to chart everyday. All the files and records of the patients are kept on computers.


1. Hard for older workers.

* From talking to many of the older nurses, they all agree it is hard to change their ways. Some do not understand how to use the programs and it takes them away from doing their jobs.

2. Computers not working.

* Many times computers are not charged or are broken. In this day and age it is bothersome and very hard to get work done without them. Also, there is a major problem at Reid when filing programs are down.   I am sure this happens at other hospitals as well. This is a major problem for hospital employees, because they cannot chart important information. This causes inefficiencies in getting patients their medicines and completing everyday activities.

3. Not having the time to chart and forgetting what you needed to chart.

* Many times the floor is crazy with activities, and nurses need to chart everything from the medicines to food intake, they even measure restroom usage. It is very hard to remember exactly what needs to be charted if it cannot be inputted immediately.  Other patients call and soon the nurses have gone a whole hour without charting anything. This also causes problems.

4. Charting on the wrong patients name.

* This is a huge problem that needs to be rectified. It is possible to accidentally open the wrong chart.  If the wrong patient program is opened, then a wrong dose of medication may be administered and that is a mistake that cannot happen in the medical field.

There are many disadvantages, but there are advantages as well. They are just not stated in this blog. Check out “How Technology Can Help Nurses Deliver Patient Care” by Adecco to see the some advantages.


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